The Future of Micropayment Techologies

The Oblingo Payments Technology is the first “enjoy now pay later” platform enabling real time true micropayments without a pre-payment demand. No known platform enables a single click, fast registration process with the agility and elegance of Oblingo.

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Oblingo Can Do That

The Oblingo System is a trust-based system that includes credit rates for clients and vendors. Paying customers receive better credit rates than late paying or "disputing" customers.

Oblingo Now, Play Now, Pay Later

No credit card needed, just sign in with your mobile phone number and get started

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Oblingo Features

The Global Micro-payments industry was pegged at $9.8 Billion in 2013. The industry has grown at a CAGR of 23% in the last 3 years. It is expected to continue strong growth, exceeding $13 Billion in the next few years.


All payments are one click
and seamless


A system in which users are obligated to pay an aggregated amount when terms are met


An unsatisfied client can just cancel the transaction and not pay the vendor


The user registers with a phone number alone. No other details are saved in the system


Our API system can easily integrate into any website in the world


Most reliable system as we hold no credit cards nor any sensitive payment data


We can operate with most currencies in the world

Cellular Based

33% of internet users have paid online digital music service


We believe that the micropayment solution is the future of all content-based markets including gaming, media, and more. The main problem with this market today is the unsatisfying user experience offered to payers, demanding pre-paid subscriptions, long registration processes, and data requests that interfere with anonymity, such as address, name, payment data, etc. We believe none of that is necessary. By trusting users and giving them credit, vendors can give users a wonderful payment experience, and users in return will pay more.

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